XQ Family Card Game

Product Code : GSO 2010

Retail Price : US$16.95

X/Q is a family orientated card game to be played between parents and young kids of 5 or higher. The object of the game is to collect happy expression from father, mother, brother, and sister. The game helps release stress any one player may suffer throughout the day and to bring smile back to his or her face.

In playing the game, players learn to express and communicate their feeling to other players and also learn to understand other players' feelings. Cards are divided into four different categories : Smiling, Anger, Sadness and Laughing. These correspondence to our basis emotion.

There are only pictures, no word or texts. Dice is color coded as opposed numbered. The game not tests players' IQ but helps to develop players' EQ and AQ. When you about to win, you have to say, "Wa-ha-ha"!

The Game contain 96 cards, 6 sided tailor made dice and rule book.

Number of player : 2 to 4
Playing time : 15 to 30 minutes

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